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About Us  

The company from foundation to present day

The Fenners construction firm was founded in 1936 by Wilhelm Fenners Senior and handed on to Wilhelm Fenners Junior in 1972. Ulrich Döpper, the owner, has been in charge of the reins since 1993.

Presently, the Wilhelm Fenners firm has over 60 employees and operates as an apprentice-training company with 9 apprentices.

As a construction firm, we work almost exclusively in the area of civil engineering. Within this area, we mostly focus on channel construction and special civil engineering projects. Currently our civil engineering work is limited to North Rhine-Westphalia.



Apart from the usual sewage and supply pipe engineering, roadmaking and hydraulic engineering projects, tunnel construction is also worthy of particular mention. We work nationwide and, in some cases, abroad on tunnel construction projects.

In the future, we would like to continue working more intensively with special process engineering technologies. For instance, we are currently planning to get into the area of geothermics.

The Wilhelm Fenners Bauges. m.b.H. company has received a patent for the “urban installation process“ it has developed and a protection of registered design for the creation of measurement processes to establish crack formation in pipes and other reinforced concrete finished parts, etc. (2003).