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Civil engineering


In detail, the usual civil engineering tasks include all work for the suppliers in the region. A large part of all of the civil engineering services with regard to gas, water, district heating and cabling are carried out by us for the municipal utility company Stadtwerke Düsseldorf. The same applies to civil engineering services with regard to telecommunications in the region.

Sewer system engineering is the branch of the Wilhelm Fenners firm with the highest turnover. We apply the AK 1 and VO quality marks of the channel construction quality auditing commission for this work. Within this, our particular strengths lie in inner-city (narrow conditions), complex and complicated construction methods.

We carry out all established means of installation processes, such as horizontal wood installations, low-vibration steel installations, press-fitted steel installations, soldier pile wall installations and gunite installations with our own personnel and machines. Our patent (urban installation process) and specially adapted fleet of machines stand us in particularly good stead for this. In problematic areas it is furthermore a big advantage that we can also independently carry out the construction of tunnels, reinforced cement and masonry.

As previously mentioned, we are using the “urban installation process” patent.

We have developed a method of installation which can ultimately be prepared by any specialist civil engineering firm with their own materials.

The installation is


  • low-noise,
  • vibration-free and
  • low-subsiding


in design and, given these criteria, is suited to laying large pipes as are typical in inner-city channels. Due to increased sensitivities amongst adjacent owners, these kinds of installations have to be approached with an ever increasing amount of management.

We make this step possible for you without major investment.

In 2003, we developed a measurement system together with the pipe manufacturer D + W Nievenheim which can measure crack formation at any time in reinforced concrete and concrete parts, in particular.
This process has already been used successfully many times with tunnel pipes in order to check their ends after tunnelling

A protection of registered design was issued for this process in 2003.

Patented Dusseldorf-type shoring

Slide rail shoring

Vertical shoring

Shotcrete shoring

Berlin-type shoring

Large plate shoring