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Gallery structure building
Problem solved
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Stollenbau - die Lösung für den innerstädtischen Kanalisationstiefbau (Download PDF)In civil and underground engineering, in particular in sewer system underground engineering, work frequently has to be performed in very sensitive areas. Consequently, open culvert installations are frequently not desired or too complex to operate in downtown areas due to structural density, intense traffic, railroad lines, crossing lines or shopping as well as tourist areas.

Gallery structure building

Gallery structure building, in particular in the roadway of an existing culvert, is the ideal solution for culvert refurbishments. This method can be used on short routes as well as in the support length sections extending from shaft structure to shaft structure. Because gallery access is manned, it can be set up above an old, defective culvert. In this case the sewage water is diverted within the gallery through temporarily installed ducts, to which the side culverts are connected as well. Defective side culverts, on the other hand, can be refurbished from the main gallery through the installation of horizontal galleries. These horizontal galleries can be installed in any length. The new culvert can subsequently be installed in place of the old culvert. Vitrified clay tubes with DN 150 dimensions up to large steel concrete diameters are possible.

Unterrather Straße – tunnel construction, Shotcrete
Cross-section: 7.30 x 6.40 m Length: 15m
Tunnel cross-section below the metropolitan railway and a main road







Temporary sewage installation








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